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These two photos were taken over 35 years apart in the very same spot of my music therapy clinical space. So, what magical PR strategies did I incorporate to grow and maintain a long-standing successful music therapy practice? Remarkably, the master marketing plan can be summarized in six words: “Your best advertising is superior work.”

If a music therapist boils down every book, workshop, on-line symposium, and conference related to PR and marketing, the resulting secret to success is this: show up for therapy sessions prepared, on time, and ready to connect with people on a personal level – focusing on the music and the therapy. When a music therapist consistently provides top-quality services, jobs are secured, contract offers flow in, and careers blossom and flourish.

Check out these self-study resources – some of which are FREE(!) and all of which are designed to sharpen your professional skills and to allow you to maximize the quality of your clinical work. All the self-study e-courses from your music therapy colleagues, Cathy Knoll and Dellinda Henry at, include the option of earning CMTE credits approved by CBMT for just $6.00 per credit.

Assessments Toolbox: Starting Point for Effective Therapy
Autism Toolbox: Moving from Isolation to Interaction
Developmental Disabilities Toolbox: Mapping a Clear Route
Challenging Behaviors Toolbox: Difficult Behavior Issues in Music Therapy
Severe Disabilities Toolbox: Accessible Music for People with Limited Skills
You’re the Boss: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Music Therapists
In Harmony: Strategies for Effective Group Music Therapy
Let’s Talk: Music Therapy Strategies to Facilitate Communication
Autism Handbook #1: Considering the Spectrum of Autism
Autism Handbook #2: Music Therapy Strategies and Protocols
MT Career Success – FREE resource for music therapists at all career stages
Intro to MT Ethics – FREE e-course meets CBMT requirement for studying ethics
Early Childhood Circle Time – FREE e-course w/strategies for managing pre-school groups

More details about each e-course and CMTE credits here –