Local Support ROCKS!

When looking at reimbursement options, don’t forget the value of developing relationships with individuals and organizations in your community. In my case, local support surpasses insurance in funding music therapy services. For example, a community organization of professional women – the 20th Century Club – has hosted several successful fund-raising events, and, because of generous response of local folks, made substantial donations over the past two years for music therapy scholarships and services. I’m not a member of the group, did not ask for the funds, and was not required to fill out paperwork. One of the results of their generosity is our “KnollResources” project providing informal, personal, face-to-face video clips for teachers, families, group home staff, related service staff, and other caregivers to use as they wish for structured learning or leisure time experiences. Most of the dozens of individuals I spend time with in music therapy each week respond MUCH more readily to real people/places/objects than to imaginary characters in media. This video is just one example of the concept of providing “real-life” experiences through contact with a familiar face and voice for my MT friends:

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