Jumping into a music therapy career

A growing number of universities are utilizing our popular (and FREE!) e-course MT Career Success as a resource for various MT classes ranging from  Intro to Music Therapy to MT Professional Development.  Intern Supervisors have also found this a helpful resource in preparing their interns for a successful career in music therapy. We believe so strongly in the need for MT students, interns, & even seasoned pros to build their career skills that we decided to make this e-course FREE. Just send an email request to <CathyKnoll@MusicWorksPublications.com>

The MT Career Success e-course is filled to the brim with practical, field-tested strategies for leading to a successful and satisfying career. Four units focus on critical professional issues and tips for surviving and thriving in all stages of a music therapy career, from new student to seasoned professional. Optional: 5 hours CMTE credit for only $25.00 for each of 4 units. The MT Career Success e-course includes the option for earning a total of 20 CMTE credits. Details about each unit below.

Unit 1: Exploring Career Options guides current and future music therapists as they sift through an extensive array of factors when considering their career options in the vast field of music therapy.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Am I in the right field?
Chapter 3: What are my priorities and goals?
Chapter 4: What is my professional profile?
Chapter 5: Where can I best serve?
Chapter 6: What are my job options?
Chapter 7: What resources are available?

Unit 2: Securing Employment provides field-tested guidelines for developing a systematic marketing plan for securing a job in music therapy. The course also includes a detailed discussion of professional financial issues.
Chapter 1: Offer top-quality services
Chapter 2: Explore employment options
Chapter 3: Increase your visibility
Chapter 4: Take a bold step
Chapter 5: The money game
Chapter 6: Lots of good stuff

Unit 3: Maximizing Your Career walks music therapists through strategies that lead to successful and satisfying careers. The course explores issues such as job descriptions, professional standards and responsibilities, insurance, documentation, time management, quality services, ethics, conflict resolution, stress management, and others. The workbook includes guidelines for developing work-related forms such as referrals, assessments, progress notes, legal forms, and reports.
Chapter 1: Professional Responsibilities
Chapter 2: Professional Protection
Chapter 3: Documentation
Chapter 4: Time Issues
Chapter 5: The Main Thing
Chapter 6: Professionalism
Chapter 7: Lots of Good Stuff

Unit 4: Weathering A Storm is designed specifically to help current and future music therapists arm themselves with a customized, effective contingency plan for surviving and thriving the ups and downs of their career.
Chapter 1: Expecting the Unexpected
Chapter 2: Preparing Plan B
Chapter 3: Surviving a storm
Chapter 4: Thriving in a storm
Chapter 5: Exploring income options

Optional CMTE credits. Music therapists can earn 5 pre-approved CMTE credits for each of the 4 units in the MT Career Success e-course for just $5 per credit hour by reviewing the workbook materials, listening to the audio segments, answering the questions for each chapter, and then completing the CMTE application packet. You may take the e-course now and apply for credits for one or more of the units now or anytime in the future. Whether you take the e-course for CMTE credit or not, Music Works Publications commends you for taking steps to boost your professional development. Complete information about earning CMTE credits is in the back of your workbook. Click on CMTE Information page for details.