I am pleased to share music therapy adventures with the folks pictured here and many others in groups or individual sessions every week during the school year. This week,  we are singing the last rowdy rendition of “We’re Great!” and “See You Later, Alligator” with individuals and groups as we prepare to dive into summer, 2017. I am reminded of words I wrote last fall: “I have the privilege of spending time every week in different settings with many dozens of individuals of all ages who face difficult 24/7 life-long challenges. Living in a small town, I also know many of their families, caregivers, teachers, professional and medical staff, and other people in their lives. I’ve known some of these folks since 1978. My music therapy friends have significant limitations and deal with tough issues, but through all that, they teach me new perspectives on life. Let me share just a few examples of lessons learned from my friends: (1) how to find bits of joy and glimmers of hope despite adversity, (2) how to ‘take a licking and keep on ticking,’ (3) how to join in the music-making even with very limited skills, and (4) how to sing snippets of songs off-key and out of rhythm with all the enthusiasm of a famous rock star.” Photo #5 illustrates one more lesson, i.e., no matter our shortcomings, we can always find a way to lend a helping hand. Despite their limitations and challenges, these two eager-beavers jumped up quickly to volunteer to shuttle all my music therapy “stuff” to the next class. Best wishes to all as we dive headfirst into Summer, 2017.
+ Cathy Knoll