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Music Therapy EthicsIntro to Music Therapy Ethics increases quality of services by guiding learners through twelve sections of the Code of Ethics for music therapy professionals. The on-line, self-study format is also a convenient, inexpensive option for fulfilling the new requirement by CBMT to earn CMTE credits focusing on ethics.

Music Therapy EthicsMusic Therapy Career Success is a free music therapy e-course filled to the brim with strategies leading to a successful and satisfying career. Four units, each of which includes the option of earning 5 CMTE credits, focuses on critical professional issues for all stages of a music therapy career: (1) Exploring Career Options, (2) Securing Employment, (3) Maximizing Your Career, and (4) Weathering a Storm.

Early Childhood Circle Time
is a free music therapy e-course with step-by-step guidelines and field-tested strategies for managing a music therapy group experience with preschoolers. Chapters include (1) Brief overview of music therapy in early childhood, (2) Three distinct worlds of preschoolers, (3) Setting the stage for success, (4) Managing behavior in circle time, (5) Real-life situations in early childhood music therapy groups.