youre_the_bossYou’re the Boss! Entrepreneurial Strategies for Music Therapists
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Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC
and Dellinda Henry, MEd, MT-BC

Self-study e-course $15.00
Optional: 20 CMTE credits $120.00

You’re the Boss: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Music Therapists is a professional self-study e-course featuring a detailed road map guiding participants through each step necessary for establishing contractual services, consultative services, therapy clinic, and private practice. This invaluable guide addresses every aspect of establishing a music therapy program, including topics ranging from insurance to ethics, scheduling to stress management, and designing an office to managing paperwork – as they basically develop their own business plan. You’re the Boss is divided into 9 study units, each of which is accompanied by an in-depth audio discussion. This popular self-study resource includes numerous tips from experienced colleagues and has been utilized by many dozens of music therapists over the years to establish successful programs and services. This is the outline of You’re the Boss!

  • Consider This + Pros and cons of self-employment + Personal and professional inventory + Do you have what it takes?
  • Take The First Step + Employment options + Market research + Locating potential customers + Developing a business plan
  • What About Money? + Business structure + Resources + Budget + Benefits + Bookkeeping + Taxes + Insurance + Funding options + Setting fees
  • Attend To The Details + Organization + Equipment, materials, and supplies + Schedule + Policies and procedures + Contracts
  • Sell Your Services + Marketing plan + Marketing tools + Maximizing media + Effective proposals + Getting your foot in the door
  • Set Up Your Office + Location + Ambiance + Equipment + Future growth
  • Dive In! + Quality services + Commitment + Effective planning + Assessments + Documentation + Evaluation
  • Take Care of Yourself + Balance + Priorities + Time + Stress + Getting along with difficult people
  • Invest In Success + Public relations + Job development + Professional growth + Networking + Diversification + Motivation

This content-rich, practical self-study e-course from your professional colleagues at includes a pdf workbook and audio discussion for each chapter, allowing you to download to your own device, to study on your own schedule, to broaden and extend your skills and expertise, and to apply the concepts and strategies to your own unique clinical setting.

Optional CMTE credits: Music therapists can receive 20 CMTE credits by submitting written assignments, CMTE evaluation, and the CMTE fee of $120 – only $6 per credit. You can take the e-course now and apply for CMTE credit now or at any time in the future. See the CMTE Information page for complete details.

Learning Objectives for participants in the You’re the Boss e-course.

Learning Objective 1. Learner will assess their professional strengths, weaknesses, priorities, and employment options. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  IV. A. Professional Development 1-7 and B. Professional Responsibilities 2, 3, 5-9, 11-20.)

Learning Objective 2. Learner will determine financial requirements and guidelines for self-employment. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  IV. B. Professional Responsibilities, 15, 16, 17.)

Learning Objective 3. Learner will develop a comprehensive business plan for a private practice, consultative services, or a music therapy clinic (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: IV. A. Professional Development 1-7 and B. Professional Responsibilities 3, 5, 6-9, 12-18, 20.)

Learning Objective 4. Learner will develop policies, procedures, marketing tools, schedules, and documentation necessary for a music therapist who is self-employed (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: I. A. Referral 1-4. I. B. Assessment 5. II. B. Safety 1-7. III. A. Documentation 1, 7. IV. A. Professional Development 1-7, and B. Professional Responsibilities 1-20.)

Learning Objective 5. Learner will develop action plans for professional growth, crisis resolution, networking/peer counseling and problem solving for self-employed music therapists (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  IV. A. Professional Development 1-7 and B. Professional Responsibilities 1 -20.)

Statement of relationship to CBMT: You’re the Boss is approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) for 20 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits (CMTE). – CBMT Approved Provider #S-001 – maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. See the CMTE Information page for details.

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