Group MT ToolboxGroup Music Therapy Toolbox: Implementing Music & Therapy in Groups
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Instructor: Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC

Self-study e-course $15.00
Optional: 10 CMTE credits $60.00

The Group Music Therapy Toolbox is a self-study e-course addressing just one aspect of the complex process of group music therapy, that of implementation. The e-course details strategies and ideas for applying elements of music and providing music therapy experiences designed to develop therapeutic relationships, to address the specific needs of the clients, and to create therapeutic contour of the group experience. The e-course discussion includes lots of examples from the field, basic principles, applications, techniques, and strategies based on the instructor Cathy Knoll’s music therapy clinical experience since 1974. The ideas are not presented as rules, but rather as starting points for therapists to utilize when developing interventions and strategies for groups in their own music therapy practice.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Group Music Therapy Toolbox
Chapter 2: Principles of Effective Therapy in Groups
Chapter 3: Therapy Strategies for MT Groups
Chapter 4: Principles of Using Music in Therapy
Chapter 5: Tips for Making Music Accessible to All
Chapter 6: Logistical Considerations in Music Therapy Sessions
Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Group Management
Information about earning CMTE credits

Learning Objectives for the Group Music Therapy Toolbox

Learning Objective 1. Learner will utilize music and therapy in group sessions to develop therapeutic relationships. (CBMT’s 2015 Board Certification Domains: II.A.1.a, b, c, d).

Learning Objective 2. Learner will apply elements of music and provide music therapy experiences to address the specific needs of the clients. (CBMT’s 2015 Board Certification Domains: II.A.2 and II.A.5).

Learning Objective 3. Learner will structure and organize music therapy experiences to create therapeutic contour and maximize safety and comfort of the clients. (CBMT’s 2015 Board Certification Domains: I.D.15 and II.A.1.e and II.B.1-5).

Optional CMTE credits: Board Certified Music Therapists and other certified professionals have the option of receiving 10 approved CMTE credits by submitting written assignments, CMTE evaluation, and the CMTE fee of $60 – only $6 per CMTE credit. You can take the course now to sharpen your skills in this area, and apply for CMTE credit now or at anytime in the future. See the CMTE Information page for complete details. Resumé of instructor available on request. Send any questions to <>

Statement of relationship to CBMT. The Group Music Therapy Toolbox e-course is approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) for ten Continuing Music Therapy Education credits (CMTE). – CBMT Approved Provider #S-001 – maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.