Early Childhood Circle Time
Free Music Therapy E-course

Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC
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Optional: 5 CMTE credits
only $6.00 per CMTE credit

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Early Childhood Circle Time, a free self-study music therapy e-course, is filled with step-by-step guidelines and field-tested strategies for managing a music therapy group of preschoolers so each child can gain maximum benefit from the group experience. The outline of the Early Childhood Circle Time e-course is as follows:

Chapter 1: Brief overview of music therapy in early childhood
Chapter 2: Three distinct worlds of preschoolers
Chapter 3: Setting the stage for success
Chapter 4: Managing behavior in circle time
Chapter 5: Real-life situations in early childhood music therapy groups

This content-rich, practical self-study e-course from your professional colleagues at MusicWorksPublications.com includes a pdf workbook and audio discussion for each chapter, allowing you to download to your own device, to study on your own schedule, to broaden and extend your skills and expertise, and to apply the concepts and strategies to your own unique clinical setting.

Optional CMTE credits. Music therapists can earn five CMTE credits
for the Early Childhood Circle Time e-course by reviewing the workbook materials while listening to the audio segments, completing CMTE assignments and evaluation, and submitting the CMTE fee of just $6 per credit. You may take the e-course now and apply for credits anytime in the future. Whether you take the e-course for CMTE credit or not, your colleagues at MusicWorksPublications.com commend you for taking steps to boost your professional development. Complete information about earning CMTE credits is in the back of your workbook and here  CMTE Information page.

Learning Objectives for the Early Childhood Circle Time e-course.

Learning Objective 1. Design music therapy sessions to coordinate with the overall therapeutic program and to reinforce goals and objectives for implementation outside the music therapy setting. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: 1. D. Treatment Planning 4, 16.)

Learning Objective 2. Consider each client’s age, culture, music background and preferences, and specific needs when defining goals and designing music therapy experiences. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: I. D. Treatment Planning 9.)

Learning Objective 3. Create music therapy experiences that maximize client engagement and address client goals and objectives. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: I. D. Treatment Planning 8, 10.)

Learning Objective 4. Develop a therapeutic relationship with each client. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: II. A. Treatment Implementation 1.)

Learning Objective 5. Exercise leadership and/or group management skills (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: II. A. Treatment Implementation 5. k.)

Learning Objective 6. Recognize and respond to situations in which there are clear and present dangers to a client and/or others (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: II. B. Safety.)

Statement of relationship to CBMT: The Early Childhood Circle Time e-course is approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) for five Continuing Music Therapy Education credits (CMTE.) MusicWorksPublications.com – CBMT Approved Provider #S-001 – maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.

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