developmental_disabilitiesDevelopmental Disabilities Toolbox: Mapping a Clear Route
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Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC

Self-study e-course $15.00
Optional: 10 CMTE credits $60.00

The Developmental Disabilities Toolbox: Mapping a Clear Route guides music therapists as they move through the maze of options to be considered when forming effective strategies for helping children, teens, adults, and older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their full potential. The workbook and audio discussion provide dozens of valuable tips, interventions, and techniques that have proven effective over the years with hundreds of people with developmental disabilities in schools, group homes, extended care facilities, nursing homes, and family homes as well as individuals who are private music therapy clients. The outline for the Developmental Disabilities Toolbox is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Gear Up! Where are we going and why?
  • Unlock Potential. Build on strengths to maximize potential
  • Light The Path. Compensate for deficits to enhance quality of life.
  • Forward March! Keep moving toward the prize.

This content-rich, practical self-study e-course from your professional colleagues at includes a pdf workbook and audio discussion for each chapter, allowing you to download to your own device, to study on your own schedule, to broaden and extend your skills and expertise, and to apply the concepts and strategies to your own unique clinical setting.

Optional CMTE Credits. Professionals can receive ten CBMT -approved CMTE credits by submitting written assignments detailed at the end of the e-course workbook, the CMTE Evaluation, and the CMTE fee of $60 – only $6 per credit hour! You can take the e-course now and apply for CMTE credit now or anytime in the future. See the CMTE Information page for details.

Learning Objectives for Developmental Disabilities Toolbox

Learning Objective 1. Learners will develop strategies for effectively obtaining and interpreting assessment information for individuals with developmental disabilities. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: I. B. Assessment 1-13, and C. Interpret Assessment Information and Communicate Results 1-5.)

Learning Objective 2. Learners will develop treatment strategies and structure treatment that meets the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: I. D. Treatment Planning 1-17.)

Learning Objective 3. Learners will develop skills at implementing treatment using music therapy strategies that are effective for individuals with developmental disabilities. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: II. A. Implementation 1-5 and II. B. Safety 1-6.)

Statement of relationship to CBMT: The Developmental Disabilities Toolbox is approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) for ten Continuing Music Therapy Education credits (CMTE). – CBMT Approved Provider #S-001 – maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. See the CMTE Information page for details.

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