autism_handbook_1Autism Handbook #1: Considering the Spectrum
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Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC

Self-study e-course $15.00
Optional: 12 CMTE credits $72.00

Autism Handbook #1: Considering the Spectrum is a professional self-study e-course challenging music therapists to raise the bar in their clinical practice by enhancing their knowledge about autism and their skills in providing effective therapeutic services to individuals with autism. The Autism Handbook #1 focuses on these topics:

  • Chapter 1: The breadth and depth of autism
  • Chapter 2: The scope of communication in autism
  • Chapter 3: The scope of social interaction in autism
  • Chapter 4: The scope of restrictive behaviors in autism
  • Chapter 5: The scope of self-reliance in autism
  • Chapter 6: Differences of opinion about autism
  • Chapter 7: Music therapy and autism
  • Chapter 8: 1-2-3 GO!
  • Chapter 9: Opportunities for growth
  • Information about earning optional CMTE credits

This content-rich, practical self-study e-course from your professional colleagues at includes a pdf workbook and audio discussion for each chapter, allowing you to study on your own schedule, to broaden and extend your skills and expertise, and to apply the concepts and strategies to your own unique clinical setting.

Optional CMTE credits. Music therapists can receive 12 approved CMTE credits by submitting written assignments chosen from options listed in Chapter 9. The CMTE fee is $72 – only $6 per CMTE credit!  You can take the course now and apply for CMTE credit now or anytime in the future. See the CMTE Information page for details.

Learning ObjectivesAutism Handbook #1 e-course

Learning Objective 1. Learner will overview the spectrum of autism, including the breadth and depth of autism, definitions, assumptions, overarching issues, and uneven continuums. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  IV. A. Professional Development 2, 3.)

Learning Objective 2. Learner will examine the scope of communication issues, social interaction, restrictive behaviors, and self-reliance in autism.  (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  I. B. Assessment 1-13, IV. A. Professional Development 2.)

Learning Objective 3. Learner will review issues relevant to accurate assessment in autism.  (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  I. B. Assessment 1-13.)

Learning Objective 4. Learner will examine factors related to the effectiveness of music in therapy for individuals diagnosed with autism.  (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains:  II. A. Implementation 1-5.)

Learning Objective 5. Learner will develop a comprehensive plan for professional growth and development in area of autism, including reviewing research and approaches to education and therapy for individuals diagnosed with autism. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains: IV. A. Professional Development 1-5 and B. Professional Responsibilities, 14.)

Statement of relationship to CBMT: The  Autism Handbook #1 is approved by the Certification Board of Music Therapists (CBMT) for twelve Continuing Music Therapy Education credits (CMTE). – CBMT Approved Provider #S-001 – maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. See the CMTE Information page for details.

Autism Handbook #1: Considering the Spectrum
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