Classics ROCK!

CLASSICS ROCK! Nearly all of my 3-to-22 year old MT friends have ready access to iPads at school and/or at home, but they are still intrigued when I pull an “old-fashioned” books, folders, instruments, and other good hands-on stuff out of my “What Is It?” bag during a music therapy session. For example, this laminated “Picnic” folder – a gift over 20 years ago from my top-notch music therapy colleague Kathleen Coleman- proved very popular last week as we explored summer break options. After choosing between a trip of fishing, camping, beach, or baseball, a student selects foods for their sack lunches with music cues from Kathleen’s picnic folder. We grab our gear and load up in an imaginary car, bus, boat, or horse to head out for music-guided adventures. It seems to me that my music therapy friends are drawn to these well-worn, classic folders because they like holding tangible items, they enjoy the sound and feel of velcro, they like making their own choices with minimal assistance, and they find our experiences unique in this 2017 virtual world of school. Note: my music therapy groups in the small-town schools are diverse, so all learning experiences must be flexible in order to simultaneously meet multiple levels of ability & interest and to address a wide range of diagnoses and target areas. Photos used with permission. LOTS of field-tested MT interventions, applications, and ideas – classic and avant-garde – available in our self-study music therapy resources at