Challenges in early childhood MT groups

Circle time music therapy groups move far beyond recreational sing-alongs for pre-school children. Those precious little kids – whether dealing with specific disabilities or other challenging issues or not – can be as mischievous as they are cute, so the music therapist is often dealing with behavior issues in circle time. Each youngster in the music therapy group has a unique mix of challenging issues, interests, strengths and learning/therapy objectives, all of which require individualized therapeutic strategies and music experiences. The music therapist is a master conductor – coordinating the music, the therapy, interpersonal interaction, behavior, and group dynamics for these little ones. All of this can be overwhelming. One of our newly released free music therapy courses, Early Childhood Circle Time, is filled to the brim with basic principles and field-tested strategies for managing groups of young children, allowing the music therapist to focus on the music and the therapy rather than on crowd-control. More info under “free courses” tab on website Order the FREE course by sending e-mail request to