Celebrating 30 Years!

Thirty years ago my music therapy colleague Dellinda Henry and I sat down over shrimp dinner to brainstorm possibilities for developing readily-accessible resources for music therapists. That conversation led to the birth of MusicWorksPublications.com and today’s large collection of practical, inexpensive e-courses filled to the brim with lots of tried-and-true strategies and practical tips for use in maximizing the potential and enhancing the quality of life of music therapy clients and the people around them. When the Certification Board for Music Therapists was “born” in 1986, we became CBMT’s first pre-approved provider of self-study courses for CMTE credits. To this day, we offer optional CMTE credits for all our e-courses, and we still charge just $5 per CMTE credit :-) Check out our inexpensive, practical e-courses covering a broad range of topics including autism, assessments, challenging behaviors, facilitating group therapy, early childhood, enhancing language & communication, self-employment, maximizing career, ethics, and more http://MusicWorksPublications.com/