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MT Career Success

I actually began this journey in music therapy back in the spring of 1968 when I decided to major in music therapy at my mom’s alma mater, Texas Woman’s University. I took lots of classes, developed lots of insights, completed a challenging internship, became a Registered Music Therapist, then dove headfirst into the profession, not […]

MT Services Expanded

Music therapists have so many options for using the combination of their skills as musicians and therapists to offer unique services to their communities. Since 2012, I’ve hosted the AccessARTS Clubhouse for students and teachers in life-skills classes in area schools, and for groups of adults with special needs in my town. I’ll post a […]

Longtime MT Friends

A lady with a cool bulldog took a snapshot of me and my buddy Wilbur while we were walking/rolling on the Bosque River Trail this afternoon. My husband Ed & I met Wilbur in the mid-1970’s at Texas Lions Camp where Ed was his orientation & mobility instructor and I was Wilbur’s music therapist. Wilbur […]

World Music Therapy Day

I can’t speak for the whole world, but I’ve certainly seen music therapy make a big difference in the lives of many, many individuals in this little corner of the world over the past 4 decades. Music meets each individual on their own terms, captures attention, encourages reciprocal communication and participation and interaction, and provides […]

Adapting Guitar for Musicians with Down Syndrome

Post by Cathy Knoll, MA, MT-BC. ~ A music therapist recently posted this question on the MT Unite! Facebook group, “Does anyone have experience teaching guitar to a student with Down Syndrome? What books or method do you use?” Lots of music therapy colleagues posted great ideas. Here are six VIP points that come to […]

Celebrating the dawn of the new year

MIDNIGHT! For the past 30 years or so, Dellinda Henry and I have celebrated New Year’s Eve by helping our MT-BC colleagues finish up the requirements for submission to CBMT – the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Midnight, Dec 31, 2017 is the deadline for a number of Board Certified Music Therapists who are reaching […]


Attention Music therapy professionals, students, & interns: Send me an email between midnight & midnight on Mon Nov 27 telling me which of our popular and highly-rated e-courses you want to receive as a Cyber.Mon.2017 gift from you MT-BC colleagues at Take the self-study e-course on your own schedule to sharpen your clinical skills […]

Singing the “Black Friday Blues”

The annual holiday shopping season in our corner of the world typically begins the day after Thanksgiving. The hustle and bustle of the scramble to meet deadlines for gifts and bargains is daunting for everyone, but it seems to be particularly unnerving for some individuals with autism. Long lines, crowded stores, congested parking lots, and […]

Betcha didn’t!

BETCHA DIDN’T!! Whether you were in St Louis at #AMTA17 this past week or not, I betcha you didn’t have as much fun as I did rocking Chuck Barry riffs in the MT Guitar Bombardment. And how thrilling to have opportunities at our annual American Music Therapy Association conference to explore the many ways music […]

Challenging Behaviors in MT

As a freshman music therapy major in 1969, I honestly believed music would make everyone love their neighbor, and harmonious music would bring world peace. Seriously. It didn’t take long to learn my “music-cures-all-ills” theory was off-track. But, fortunately, during my music therapy internship and in the 4+ decades of clinical work since, I learned […]