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Challenging Behaviors in MT

As a freshman music therapy major in 1969, I honestly believed music would make everyone love their neighbor, and harmonious music would bring world peace. Seriously. It didn’t take long to learn my “music-cures-all-ills” theory was off-track. But, fortunately, during my music therapy internship and in the 4+ decades of clinical work since, I learned […]

Treat, not Trick

TREAT, not TRICK! On this Spooks Day, 2017, we offer our fellow music therapists – professionals, interns, and students – a special treat from with no tricks attached. Just zip me an email <> before midnight PDT on 10-31-17 telling me which of our popular, highly-rated, practical e-courses you want to receive as a […]

Making Real Music

For a variety of reasons, some of my music therapy friends find it particularly challenging to make their own music or to participate actively in group music experiences. These individuals – from toddlers to octogenarians – have significant physical or cognitive limitations or other issues resulting in minimal ability to sing, play instruments, engage in […]

Inside Hospice

The day before her 91st birthday in early September, 2017, my sweet mama-in-law, Monta, moved into our home so we could provide personal hospice care. The past few weeks have had some very rough spots, but we’ve also had time to visit face-to-face with family in person and via internet, to share stories and memories, […]

Get Out Quick!

What would you grab in the event you and your family member with special needs were required to suddenly leave your home? Some people were faced with 10-minute evacuation orders in the recent Hurricane Harvey, and others may face the same issue as Hurricane Irma heads toward Florida. Take a close look at these six […]

Be Prepared

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods. wildfires, earthquakes, blizzards, and more. Natural disasters are reminders of the need for an emergency plan for all families and caregivers, and especially those caring for individuals with special needs. A parent of one of my music therapy friends, a preteen diagnosed with autism, commented, “It would be nice to have a […]

Adapting Electric Guitar in Music Therapy

One of the keys to the music aspect of my music therapy sessions over the past 4-plus decades has been teaching my friends to play real instruments. Nearly every person seems to enjoy playing a real violin, piano, drum, banjo, guitar, harmonica, or other instrument. And, if I adapt the music and instrument just right, […]

89 years young

My long-time music therapy friend Wilbur Lee Hargis celebrates his 89th birthday in July. As Wilbur would tell you, “I was born on the eleventh of July in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-eight.” The story of Wilbur’s life is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. My husband Ed Knoll and I met Wilbur in 1975 when […]

From Music Therapy to Life

One of my major responsibilities as a music therapist is to help my friends develop interests, skills, and adaptions helpful in their daily lives…for the rest of their lives. Take, for example, my friend G. She is challenged with a significant hearing loss as well as limitations in communication, academics, motor skills, and behavior. She […]

4 FAQs about CMTEs

(#1) Do I have time to earn CMTE credits for my June 30 recertification? YES! In keeping with CBMT requirements, our self-study e-courses are designed to take just 50 minutes of study for each CMTE credit.  And we can literally accept CMTE assignments and evaluations via email until 11:59 p.m. n June 30. (#2) […]