4 FAQs about CMTEs

(#1) Do I have time to earn CMTE credits for my June 30 recertification? YES!
In keeping with CBMT requirements, our MusicWorksPublications.com self-study e-courses are designed to take just 50 minutes of study for each CMTE credit.  And we can literally accept CMTE assignments and evaluations via email until 11:59 p.m. n June 30.
(#2) Can I earn CBMT-required ethics credits? YES!
Our popular (and FREE!) self-study “Intro to MT Ethics” e-course consistently receives high ratings by participants, can be completed in an evening, and provides opportunities to think through practical application of the AMTA Code of Ethics.
(#3) Can I afford to earn CMTE credits? My new-mom income is limited. YES!
My music therapy colleague Dellinda Henry and I actually developed our first self-study course for CMTE credits back in 1986 when CBMT first opened their doors. As young moms stretched in many ways, we pledged to provide top-quality, practical, info-filled, self-study e-courses at a reasonable price. Three of our 14 e-courses are free (!) and all others are just $15.00. The CMTE fee is just $6 per credit.
(#4) Can I benefit from your e-courses even if I don’t need CMTE credits? YES!
Many of our MT colleagues wanting to sharpen clinical skills or bone up on professional and career issues have taken our e-courses over the years and have consistently provided high-ratings. Popular self-study e-courses from MusicWorksPublications.com cover topics including assessments, autism, challenging behaviors, developmental disabilities, early childhood, maximizing music therapy in groups, addressing communication skills in music therapy, maximizing music therapy for individuals with significant limitations, ethics, career success, and entrepreneurship for music therapists. Details about each e-course and about earning CBMT-approved CMTE credits can be found here http://MusicWorksPublications.com. Questions? Feel free to send me an email <CathyKnoll@MusicWorksPublications.com>